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Nestled between the Ko’olau Mountains and beautiful white sand beaches on Oahu’s east shores, you will find the once sleepy town of Kailua. Now home to about 40,000 residents and attracting thousands of visitors every year, Kailua is a bustling beach town filled with a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Known for its world-renowned Kailua and Lanikai beaches, boutique shopping, delicious local restaurants, breweries, and outdoor activities - Kailua offers many opportunities for its residents.

There is hardly ever a bad weather day here in Kailua. Temperatures range from 75-85 degrees year-round. Rainfall is to be expected living on the East side of the island, passing showers keep the landscape lush and waterfalls flowing. Residents enjoy the steady trade winds to keep themselves cool and their kiteboards sailing.

The Kailua real estate market is competitive and homes tend to be more expensive than the island average. Being near some of the best beaches on the island and within a 30-minute drive of downtown Honolulu, the town is in a very desirable location for residents looking for a beach-side alternative to the hustle and bustle of Honolulu city life.


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