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Along Oahu’s South Shore and just minutes from Honolulu, you will find the upscale residential suburb known as Kahala. Containing some of the most exquisite beachfront real estate on island, Kahala is often compared to luxury mainland cities like Beverly Hills, or Tribeca. This quiet and prestigious suburb is the perfect place for those searching for a specific piece of upscale paradise.

Once owned by the Bishop Estate, Kahala is composed of around 1,200 mansion-esque homes with large lots and limited public access to beaches. With its centrally convenient location residents have easy access to both downtown Honolulu, as well as the town's local grocery stores, restaurants, and the nearby Kahala Mall. At the edge of Kahala, one can also join the Wai‘alae Country Club - a members-only, golf course and spa, with even more dining options.

Residents need not worry about being bothered by the hustle and bustle of the city next door. The Diamond Head State Monument acts as a divider between city and suburb, making Kahala’s residents even more comfortable in their secluded, quiet subdivision.


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