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Jordan Hendrix

Realtor AssociateRS-82811

Jordan joined the Alesia Barnes Team in early 2019. Born in Washington, Missouri and a graduate with a BSBA in Management and Marketing from University of Central Missouri, Jordan spent time in Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia teaching English as a second language.

After moving to Hawaii in 2018, he decided to pursue a career in real estate, which combines many of his passions and allows him to help people in a significant way. Jordan’s motivation is to become the best that he can be at his job, guiding people towards achieving their dream of home ownership here in Hawaii.

An excellent communicator, he insists on maintaining an impeccable level of integrity, and upholds the idea of fiduciary duty to each and every one of his clients. Jordan believes these are the two pillars upon which to build a successful career as a real estate agent.

When not working, Jordan enjoys photography, writing, reading, creating music, playing sports, and is an avid nature lover.

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